Expansive Medicine Arthritis/Auto Immune/Anti Inflammation Formula

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All the most recent and up to date research, that seems to be pretty much under the ‘public radar’, states that increased inflammation, can be either directly responsible, or linked to decreased immune function, many unexplained auto immune diseases, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, many forms of cancer, decreased immune function and brain dysfunction. My proprietary formulas powerfully attack the ‘root’ of the disease, not just the symptoms, on many, many different levels.

My Expansive Medicine Arthritis/Auto Immune/Anti Inflammation Formula is what I use everyday, and have had amazing results. I also recommend along with this formula my “Expansive Medicine Diet” protocols, Expansive medicine Immunity Formulas on this site, and my Expansive Medicine Conferences and Retreats.All natural and Organic! Never heated over 105 degrees! Diary/Wheat/Gluten Free! Vegan
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