Expansive Medicine Energy/Energizer Drink

SKU: $34.95
  • Increased Alertness, Energy, Awareness (personally increase in multitasking, cognitive abilities, and creativity)
  • A cleaner feeling, healthier Stimulation than coffee or energy drink
  • Adds pure organic, live natural minerals, vitamins, and enzymes throughout your day,( making you feel healthier and stronger) instead of dangerously depleting like regular coffees and some other energy drinks do
  • Great taste: comes in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Multiple Fruit Flavors. Antioxidants Natural/Organic from living pure natural sources.
  • Some Expansive Medicine Energizers come with added natural organic Immune Boosters far beyond the 20th Century obsolete formulas.
There is no comparison! Jump start your day! Feed your body with the nutrients necessary to be your Super You! Order my special Chocolate, Vanilla or Natural Fruit Flavor Energizer drink today. The powder can also be used as a boost to your favorite smoothies. *** All blends are Wheat, Dairy and Gluten FREE!
For international orders, please contact us at DrCraigBrown@DrCraigBrown.com or 888-490-9898

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