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Join Dr. Craig Brown, the founder of Expansive Holistic Health, as he takes you on a journey of understanding the True Mind/Body Connection as developed through Expansive Medicine Lifestyle/Expansive Holistic Health’s Oral-Nasal Systemic connection theories and protocols. Our conferences are relaxing and growth oriented to best serve each and every one of us, together, in a group of like minded, warm and giving people, who are all looking for the very same common goal: Health, Wealth and Happiness. Dr. Craig Brown's SURVIVAL KIT FOR THE 21ST CENTURY will present you with healing tools that Mainstream Medicine neglects by addressing the source of the problem. Expansive Holistic Health works naturally and holistically to make you better physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially, without the unwanted and sometimes dangerous side-effects.
For international orders, please contact us at DrCraigBrown@DrCraigBrown.com or 888-490-9898

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**Florida board Prep Consultation 45 minutes, $500**